Southern Tour Part 1: Mad Monster Party

Blake and I embarked on a southern tour on March 21st through NC, SC and TN for 11 days. Our first stop was The Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC. Blake was particularly excited to be staying at the Blake Hotel where the convention was being held. :) We drove 18 hours to Charlotte and our drive was 20% cooler thanks to the Rainbow Dash-board.
The Mad Monster Party was an amazing time! We were so close to the celebrity room that we would often see stars taking a break in our vendor row. Gary Busey was playing with our weapon vendor neighbor's machete for a few minutes. That was a little nerve inducing. 
The highlight of the trip was meeting Bruce Campbell for 20 seconds. I gave him some art and the new Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys album from Edrie Edrie and Walter. He was very nice and shook my hand, but there were so many people waiting for photos that it was over before I could register what was happening! :)

I gave Gunnar Hansen a copy of my drawing of Dinner with Sally. He said, "I've never looked so beautiful." Fellow Zapow Artist Brad Parton of Alpha Sketch was vending too and we got to chat a bit. He has an incredible vast and diverse body of work all comprised of letter in the alphabet. I also met Max Reinhart of Skullclown and We Become Monsters and chatted a bit about resin casting. There were a lot of really amazing vendors present. Rob Ortel and his brother hung out at my booth and talked shrinky dinks for a while. I ran into Lea Thompson in the bathroom and Haruo Nakajima in the hallway. Is this real life? 

Also aptly timed, I met this man who's incredibly talented husband knitted this fucking insanely detailed sweater. He brought by his husband later to meet me. HOLY CRAP WHAT INSANE KNITTING TALENT!
Did I mention Blake was really excited to be staying at the Blake Hotel? 
Freddy Pedo Bear!

We had a grand time! On Sunday we packed up at headed for Traveler's Rest, South Carolina... but that's tomorrow's post! 

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