sounds like: "Self Savior" Talib Kweli

I went to the Talib Kweli show at the Paradise the other night. He played a full two hour set and brought out special guests Jean Grae and Res. The setlist was comprised of selections from his entire career: Reflection Eternal, Black Star, Solo and some verses from other songs he guested on. In addition, he did covers of "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles and "Sinnerman" by Nina Simone (Res took over the mic to promote her new Fleetwood Mac cover EP with a nice rendition of "Dreams"). It's been a while since I danced so hard at a show.

Prior to the show, I hung out at the Sunset Grill, waiting for Blake to come (he was across town at Newbury Comics getting his copy of Gutter Rainbows signed by Talib himself). I bought a multi-color pen from E.L.T. and drew all over the back of my digital ticket while downing blueberry beers.

Over all... one of the best show nights ever..!

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