Hey! It's almost that time again! ANIME BOSTON TIME! My favorite hometown convention! I've been vending at AB since 2009- my first craft/convention/popupshop experience... This is what my very first booth looked like:
It's like the American Gothic of Nerd-dom.
Luckily, we've substantially grown over the years and will be unleashing a ton of new handmade items and prints for convention patrons for this show and future shows. Blake has been working on plush sharks and amanita muscaria mushroom (helloooo Mario !) and I've been pumping out new jewelry designs, handmade kokeshi dolls, buttons, hair pins, zines and art, art and MORE ART! This all in addition to favorites like squid earrings, unicorn skeleton t-shirts and shark necklaces- and so much more! OH, and yes! I will be drawing portraits! :) 
We'll be at booth #3 (SWEET SPOT) in the Artist Alley all weekend. Please stop by and say hello! Here's a map of the AA! Click on it to see a full view of who will be there...

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