www.KRISTILYNINK.com is live! This is my sleek, new portfolio site! I still need to make a redirect on my old site, but check this out. :)
Tomorrow I'm sending out my first batch of promo postcards to Zapow! Gallery for an industry mail out they're doing. I'm really excited about it and hope that something cool comes from it. It could take months to a year of mail outs before I catch anyone's eye, but I'm patient. Oh So Patient. ;)

I made this illustration specifically for the card. I realized I didn't have anything I was crazy about that was appropriate for industry. It's one thing to be into painting bloody boobs and a completely different thing to send said bloody boobs to Highlights magazine looking for illustration gigs. Plus this just is perfect for spring I think. You can smell the moisture of the early morning air and the sponginess of the ground. PLUS... no blood and no boobs. XD

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