Anime Boston '12

Another amazing year at Anime Boston!!! We had so much fun this year and saw so many old and new friends. The ZR booth was next to old art school friends Pheoebe and Dave Bush of Tea Cup Ninja with friends Ange and Joe and all their amazing art, amigurumi and buttons (Celestia the Molestia). On our other side was an amazing group of high school senior girls who were tearing it up with commissions and crafting all weekend.  I asked them if they were all headed to art school and the majority where. They ruled.
Of course I drew LOTS of portraits. I haven't added the final count, but we tallied up that by Saturday night I had drawn 42 portraits with 73 subjects. Intense. Unfortunately, I was so sleeply Sunday I took terrible photos of the majority of the portraits I did. So if you had one drawn and don't see a good photo of it in the gallery - pleasepleaseplease send one my way. 
One of the things I love most about drawing portraits is the people who come back repeatedly year after year for them as their con tradition. It's fun to see clients come back time after time and I think about how much fun it must be for them to have followed me over the past years and have a record of drawings of them to show for it. What improvements have I made? How have they grown on the page? It's an amazing record of human interaction that takes presence in the form of art. This year that really sunk in and moved me. It's really special.

Thanks to all who stopped by with kind words and conversation. I really appreciate it with all of my heart. I'm already psyched for next year (but there are still so many great conventions to come for this year)!!! 

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