Boston Comic Con

sounds like: "Paddling Ghost" Dan Deacon

It's been almost a week since we were at Boston Comic Con - and I've been recovering. It's been a month of conventions and non-stop work, so I'm glad I'll finally be able to get some rest this weekend, but let's recap all the fun from last weekend!

I saw Miss Ava and added another drawing to her sketchbook - a mermaid this time (she let me pick what to draw - so of course it's a mermaid :) )

And there were a few portraits to be drawn. Most notably, this one of a mother choking her beloved son. :) More portraits here...

One of my table neighbors was Tofu Squirrel! I've seen her art around in print and on the web quite a bit, so I was really excited when I wandered in to set up Saturday morning and saw her laying out all her art goodies. Just as her art is, she is quite awesome and was so much fun to neighbor with. I took home quite a bit of Tofu Squirrel merch! XD

And this is how packed it got at times during the convention (and stinky)! WHOA!

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